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2nd Warp beam for Ashford table 2nd Warp beam for Ashford table
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The second back roller and beam provides perfect tension when warping with different yarn types on the table loom. Easy to attach. Available in three widths 40, 60, 80cm wide (16, 24, 32ins).
Ashford 16 shaft 60cm table loom Ashford 16 shaft 60cm table loom
Portable multishaft weaving Popular because it is easy to use and so versatile, the Ashford 16 shaft table loom is in demand with both beginner and experienced weavers. Convenient 61cm (24ins) weaving width. The overhead beater for best weaving shed, with automatic bounce back, gives a wonderful shed and even beating. Levers are within easy reach for comfortable weaving. Each shaft can be lifted s…
Ashford brake band set Ashford brake band set
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Ashford Flexible con-rod Ashford Flexible con-rod
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Ashford Inkle Loom Ashford Inkle Loom
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An inkle loom is designed for weaving long narrow items such as braids, straps, belts, wristbands and edging trims. The Ashford inkle loom is a table-top model with a maximum weaving width of 10 cm (4”) and can take a warp as long as 3.5 m (11’5”). The mini version, the “Inklette”, is ultra-portable, weighing a little over half a kilo, with a weaving width of 5 cm (2”) and a weaving length of 1.8…
Ashford Joy 2 wheel combo with bag - double treadle Ashford Joy 2 wheel combo with bag - double treadle
1 in stock
Ready to go This compact wheel is light weight (5kg/11lb) and portable with folding treadle, built-in lazy kate and carry handle. Fold and go – it can be carried easily in cars, as carry-on luggage in planes (check with your airline first as this varies from aircraft to aircraft) and takes up little space at home. Spin a variety of yarns using the four ratios. The stretchy drive cord does not requ…
Ashford Katie 8 shaft/30cm loom Ashford Katie 8 shaft/30cm loom
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The Katie Loom is the perfect multi harness loom for workshops, sampling, travel and fun. The Katie Loom comes assembled and lacquered. Includes: 2 lacquered 36cm (14ins) shuttles, 10 dpi stainless steel reed, 320 texsolv heddles, threading hooks, step-by-step instruction booklet and sturdy padded carry bag. Just add yarn! Portable – easy to fold and pack Compact - 30cm (12ins) weaving width Light…
Ashford Knitters loom Ashford Knitters loom
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This affordable and portable rigid heddle loom is quick and easy to use. Everything is included in the kit. Quick and easy to assemble and warp, the rigid heddle is a great introduction to hand weaving but is also very versatile. Create beautiful and unique garments and home ware, with colour and texture weave unique fabrics or with pick-up sticks create beautiful designs.The loom can also make wo…
Ashford Maintenance kit Ashford Maintenance kit
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Ashford raddle kit Ashford raddle kit
7 in stock
Beam your warp quickly, easily and evenly every time. Full step-by-step instructions in the Learn to weave on a Table loom booklet. Fuss free warping, everything included. The perfect accessory for all Ashford table looms. Features Full step-by-step instructions Fuss free warping Steel pins spaced 12.7mm (1/2") apart Centre pin marked for convenience Solid silver beech hardwood
Ashford rainbow wool dye collection Ashford rainbow wool dye collection
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Contains 3 primary colours - Scarlet, Blue and Yellow and one pot dyeing instructions. Enjoy this exciting kit and make all the colours of the rainbow. The one pot dye method produces all the colours in one cook up! The dyes are safe and easy to use and comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. For more information go to our consumer information page.


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