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 linen 24lea linen 24lea
In stock
14,000 m/kg / 7,000 yds/lb 26wpcm  / 66wpi 25gms - 300m 100gms - 1350m This fine repeatable linen is a regular plied yarn. A thicker version, which is four strands of this yarn twisted together, is available in the same colour range.
 linen 6lea linen 6lea
In stock
3,500 m/kg / 1,750 yds/lb 10 wpcm / 25 wpi 25gms - 75m 100gms - 320m This yarn is four strands of the 24lea linen yarn twisted together. This yarn is stocked in the same colours as the 24lea linen.
 linen 9.6/2nm linen 9.6/2nm
In stock
4,800 m/kg / 2,350 yds/lb 14wpcm/36wpi 25gms - 120m 100gms - 478m
cotlin 8/2ne 50/50% cotlin 8/2ne 50/50%
27 in stock
50% cotton, 50% linen 6750 m/kg / 3360 yds/lb 12 wpc / 30 wpi The best of both worlds, a yarn that’s as easy to work with as cotton but gives evidence in the cloth finish and handle of its linen content.
cotton linen slub 4.6nm cotton linen slub 4.6nm
58 in stock
60% cotton, 40% linen
linen 12/1nm linen 12/1nm
10 in stock
24wpcm / 60wpi 25gms - 300m 100gms - 1200m
linen 22/2nm linen 22/2nm
49 in stock
20wpcm / 50wpi 25gms - 275m 100gms - 1100m
linen 28/2nm linen 28/2nm
29 in stock
20wpcm / 50wpi 25gms - 350m 100gms - 1400m
linen heavyweight 2/1.3nel linen heavyweight 2/1.3nel
33 in stock
2/1.3 nel linen A very thick, hairy linen, particularly suitable for tapestry and rug warp.
linen singles 28lea bleached linen singles 28lea bleached
34 in stock
25gms - 423m 100gms - 1690m
linen singles 42lea linen singles 42lea
80 in stock
30wpcm / 76wpi 25gms - 650m 100gms - 2600m


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