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Rigid heddle accessories

Freedom roller Freedom roller
£65.00 - £73.50
2 in stock
For Multi heddle weaving with the Rigid Heddle Loom. Includes 2 support blocks for reed and hardware. Use this kit to double your ends per inch. You will need another reed identical to the one you have. Two 12.5 dpi reeds give you 25 ends per inch! When you feel comfortable weaving with 2 heddles, you can enjoy experimenting with patterns.
Handi Handle Handi Handle
2 in stock
The Handi Handle comes in two sizes; Large to use with the Ashford Table Loom or Rigid Heddle Loom Small for use with the Ashford Katie, Knitters and SampleIt looms
Rigid heddle loom stand Rigid heddle loom stand
£119.00 - £174.00
1 in stock
A strong and sturdy loom stand. Easy to assemble and attach, with two handy shelves. Convenient loom angle and foot rest for comfortable weaving. Made in solid Silver Beech hardwood to match your loom. The loom can be easily removed from the stand.
SampleIt variable loom stand SampleIt variable loom stand
3 in stock
A strong and sturdy loom stand is available for the SampleIt Loom 25cm (10ins) and 40cm (16ins). Includes cross rail for both loom sizes. Features Sturdy construction Fits both loom sizes Easy to assemble and attach Weave anytime, anywhere without a table Adjustable loom angle and foot rest for comfortable weaving Solid silver beech hardwood Optional support braces available finish natural
Vari dent reed Vari dent reed
£68.50 - £123.50
1 in stock
For SampleIT loom, reed with interchangeable plastic sections. Includes a selection of 5 and 10cm (2 and 4") sections of 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5 and 15dpi. Simply remove the top rail to change the sections.
variable rigid heddle loom stand variable rigid heddle loom stand
2 in stock
Adjustable loom stand, one size will fit the 40cm (16"), 60cm (24") and 80cm (32") standard rigid heddle looms. There is a seperate stand for the 120cm (48") loom. Features Adjustable loom angle for comfortable weaving Side support rails Comfortable foot rest Compact storage when not in use Quick and easy bolt and barrel nut assembly, with storage for the Allen key finish natural compatibility rig…
Warping peg set rigid heddle Warping peg set rigid heddle
5 in stock
Set of 14 warping pegs for indirect warping on the Rigid Heddle loom (new style)


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