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Mirrix Accessories

Allen wrench Allen wrench
5 in stock
Choose the colour according to the colour of the standoffs on your Mirrix shedding device to get the correct Allen wrench. Newer looms will have silver coloured standoffs The standoffs are the pieces that hold the 2 thin metal bars on the shedding device.
bottom spring kit (without coils) bottom spring kit (without coils)
£16.00 - £55.00
1 in stock
Mirrix Bottom Spring Kits are Perfect for: weaving wide bead pieces, weaving wide tapestry pieces and small format tapestry (more than 18DPI) The bottom spring kit allows you to attach a warp coil to the bottom of your loom. It is a plastic tray (for holding the spring/warp coil at the bottom of the loom - like the one at the top) with two attached brass acorn nuts for holding the spring. The warp…
Extra warping bar kit Extra warping bar kit
£25.00 - £51.00
5 in stock
This kit allows you to put on a shorter warp. In doing so you will reduce warp waste. Because it also eliminates having a layer of warp on both the front and back of the loom, it allows you to better position your hand for weaving wider pieces with the traditional method of bead weaving. You don’t have to warp your Mirrix this way for weaving beads, but it’s a nice alternative and adds yet another…
handweavers stand for saffron loom handweavers stand for saffron loom
2 in stock
The Handweavers stand for Saffron looms enables a vertical position for weaving, and its solid base allows you to keep small tools neatly to hand if you wish! The base has been finished with a natural wax shade to seal the wood. Our stands are individually crafted so there will be minor variations in snugness of fit (Saffrons too have minor variations) so if you feel the need to 'tighten' how the…
Loom extenders Loom extenders
£35.00 - £49.00
3 in stock
The Mirrix loom extenders are ideal for people who want to weave longer, thin pieces without having to purchase one of the large looms. Included: 2 lengths of threaded rod, a coupling device to attach it to the threaded rod side bars of the loom, feet extenders for 12"-16" and 22" only - to give your loom its original stability. There are three sizes of loom extenders for the following size of loo…
Loom leg extenders Loom leg extenders
3 in stock
Mirrix loom leg extenders
Mirrix loom stand Mirrix loom stand
This five and a half foot tripod stand holds any of the Mirrix looms at six different heights. Your loom snaps on and off in an instant. A convenient tray holds tools, yarn and beads. You will be able to find the perfect loom height for you whether you want to sit or stand. This is a great alternative to using up table space! Stand includes: tripod, bar with attached tray, two c-clamps Height sett…
Mirrix Saffron longer rod Mirrix Saffron longer rod
6 in stock
Rod length 14.5" Use this rod to get a 12" weaving length on your Mirrix Saffron loom
Mirrix shed comb for Saffron loom Mirrix shed comb for Saffron loom
4 in stock
Mirrix shed comb for saffron loom
Mirrix spencer power treadle Mirrix spencer power treadle
The new power treadle (launched 16/7/2014) is the first (that Mirrix know of) electric treadle for a portable tapestry loom. You can easily change the shed by pressing down on a pedal that will electronically change the shed without having to use your hands, which makes for fast and easyr tapestry weaving! please phone or email to make an order
No warp ends kit No warp ends kit
£30.00 - £37.00
3 in stock
No Mirrix warp ends kit


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