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Paper (& paper-like) yarns

abaca paper 4/1nm abaca paper 4/1nm
21 in stock
25gms - 150m 7wpcm / 18wpi
cotton viscose sized 3nm cotton viscose sized 3nm
20 in stock
3mm across yarn width 3,000m/kg / 1,488yds/lb 4wpcm / 10wpi 25gms - 35m 100gms - 140m
cotton viscose sized 5nm cotton viscose sized 5nm
34 in stock
1mm across yarn width 5,000m/kg / 2,480yds/lb 8wpcm / 20wpi 25gms - 115m 100gms - 500m
koyari paper 4nm koyari paper 4nm
5 in stock
4,000m/kg / 1,980yds/lb 20wpcm/ 50wpi 25gms - 255m 100gms - 1005m This is a twisted paper yarn
ojo manila hemp paper 1/6.6nm ojo manila hemp paper 1/6.6nm
26 in stock
6,600m/kg / 3,274yds/lb 4wpcm / 10wpi 25gms - 150m Lightweight & resillient No fluff Mild to skin, soft to touch Strong water resistance, machine washable, quick drying Great dye permeability High moisturizing capacity Highly sustainable, environmentally friendy; biodegradeable & non toxic Sourced from abaca fibre, also known as manila hemp, from Ecuador. Compared to wood pulp, abaca fiber is long…
paper 21nm Sand paper 21nm Sand
28 in stock
21,000m/kg / 10,417yds/lb 30 wpcm/80 wpi 25gms - 455m
Paper 4.5nm lavender Paper 4.5nm lavender
8 in stock
4,500,/kg / 1,736yds/lb 11wpcm / 30wpi 25gms - 85m
paper chenille paper chenille
21 in stock
61% Paper 39% Cotton 3nm 6 wpcm/19 wpi 30,00 m/kg / 1,480yds/lb 25gms - 70m
Paper dark brown 4.5nm Paper dark brown 4.5nm
13 in stock
4,400m/kg / 2,180yds/lb
paper tatami 3nm paper tatami 3nm
80 in stock
3nm (16mm paper folded) 3,000m/kg / 1,480yds/lb 7 wpcm /18 wpcm 25gms - 65m Produced in Europe. The name of this yarn comes from the Japanese tatami (畳), a type of mat used on the floor in traditional Japanese rooms. Traditionally, rice straw is used to create the core of the mat which then covered by woven straw of soft rush or paper yarn.
raffia space dyed synthetic raffia space dyed synthetic
15 in stock
100% polyamide Coloured: 5wpcm / 13wpi 10gms - 75m 25gms - 200m White: 10wpcm / 26wpi 10gms - 125m 25gms - 280m A soft, durable, thin and flat yarn in six variegated shades plus white. Suitable for weaving, knitting, crochet, braiding.
raffia synthetic raffia synthetic
In stock
5nm 2wpcm / 5 wpi 40gms - approximately 70m Synthetic transluscent plastic effect yarn with a flat raffia quality.
ramie knitted tape 3.7nm undyed ramie knitted tape 3.7nm undyed
22 in stock
3,700m/kg / 1,835yds/lb 8wpcm / 20wpi 25gms - 80m 100gms - 340m
ramie viscose sized  5lea ramie viscose sized 5lea
19 in stock
3,024m/kg / 1,500yds/lb 10wpcm / 25wpi 25gms - 65m 100gms - 250m The equivalent metric resultant count would be 3nm
rayon viscose sized 8.5nm carbon/white rayon viscose sized 8.5nm carbon/white
22 in stock
8,500m/kg / 4,210yds/lb 15wpcm / 26 wpi 25gms - 200m 100gms - 780m
silk viscose sized indian 5.4nm silk viscose sized indian 5.4nm
10 in stock
5,400m/kg / 2,670yds/lb Unbleached 9wpcm / 24wpi 25gms - 125m 100gms - 540m
viscose bast 2mm matt white viscose bast 2mm matt white
39 in stock
2mm. This works out at approx.7nm. 7,000m/kg / 3,470yds/lb 5 wpcm/ 10 wpi 25gms - 175m
viscose bast 8.2nm semi gloss white viscose bast 8.2nm semi gloss white
41 in stock
8,200m/kg / 4,067yds/lb 6 wpcm/18 wpi 25gms - 180m
wool paper blend 6nm wool paper blend 6nm
98 in stock
72% Wool Superwash / 28% Paper 6,000 m/kg / 2,950 yds/lb 14 wpcm / 32 wpi 10gms - 60m 25gms - 150m Japanese wool yarn with a paper core. A fine strand of paper is twisted with wool fibres to give a soft, smooth, strong yarn.


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