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bamboo 2.5ne bamboo 2.5ne
£4.25 - £12.75
In stock
bamboo 2.5ne 25gms - 95m 100gms - 425m
bamboo 2/10ne bamboo 2/10ne
£4.75 - £11.50
In stock
bamboo 2/10ne 16wpcm/40wpi 25gms - 185m 100gms - 840m approx (this size comes to us prewound)
bamboo 2/20ne bamboo 2/20ne
6 in stock
bamboo 2/20ne
linen viscose blend 9/2nm linen viscose blend 9/2nm
£5.25 - £15.50
In stock
linen viscose blend 9/2nm 38% linen, 62% viscose rayon 4,600 m/kg / 2,300 yds/lb 11 wpc / 28 wpi This lustrous blend resists creasing and has a very pleasing heavy drape. It’s a good weight for jackets or winter scarves. It also works well crossed with our tencel, which is a similar weight.
modal green tea 8/2ne modal green tea 8/2ne
£5.75 - £17.50
31 in stock
modal green tea 8/2ne
peppermint/tencel 8/2ne peppermint/tencel 8/2ne
£5.35 - £17.35
11 in stock
peppermint/tencel 8/2ne
rayon 2/12ne rayon 2/12ne
£0.05 - £3.28
In stock
rayon 2/12ne
Rayon Chainette Rayon Chainette
In stock
Rayon Chainette Winding lengths 25gm = 50m
Rayon Chenille 3nm Rayon Chenille 3nm
£11.00 - £25.00
40 in stock
Rayon Chenille 3nm We wrapped this yarn to 8wpcm/21epi but beware of setting this yarn too loosely as it has a fairly skinny core at its heart and will 'worm' it's way out of the knit or weave if the gauge or sett is too wide. 100gms = 270m approx
rayon floche 2/17 rayon floche 2/17
72 in stock
rayon floche 2/17
Rayon floss Rayon floss
£3.00 - £4.50
In stock
Rayon floss 300 denier approx 10g = 300m 25g = 750m
sarcandra glabra 8/2ne sarcandra glabra 8/2ne
£5.50 - £17.50
1 in stock
sarcandra glabra 8/2ne


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