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Eco Friendly Yarn and Fibre

 cotton mercerised 2/16ne cotton mercerised 2/16ne
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13,540 m/kg /6,720 yds/lb 24 wpcm / 60 wpi 25gms - 320m 100gms - 1,275m The resultant metric count is 13.5nm 100% extra long staple gassed combed mercerised Egyptian cotton yarn OEKO certificated A soft, lustrous, mercerised cotton in a broad range of colours, and used by Anne Dixon in the Handweaver’s Pattern Book. For anyone wanting to save on bobbin-winding time, a 25 gm spool should just fit i…
 cotton mercerised 3x2/16ne cotton mercerised 3x2/16ne
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4,400 m/kg / 2,180 yds/lb 12 wpc / 30 wpi 25gms - 105m 100gms - 440m The metric resultant count is 4.4nm 100% extra long staple gassed combed mercerised Egyptian cotton yarn OEKO certificated Used by Anne Dixon in the Handweaver’s Pattern Book, this is a soft, lustrous, mercerised cotton, which is three times as thick as our 2/16 mercerised cotton. It comes in a broad palette of colours. For anyon…
 cotton unmercerised organic 2/16ne cotton unmercerised organic 2/16ne
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13500 m/kg / 6720 yds/lb 22wpc / 55wpi A very high quality unmercerised cotton, certified organic according to the GOTS standard (Global Organic Textile Standard)
bio-nylon bio-nylon
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A fibre which is designed to decompose quickly in landfill at the end of its life cycle with Amni Soul Eco® technology OEKO-TEX certified Suitable for Vegans
cotlin 8/2ne organic cotlin 8/2ne organic
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GOTS 60% cotton/40% linen 6773m/kg / 3360yds/lb 15wpcm/38wpi 25gms - 150m 100gms - 625m The resultant count for this yarn is 4ne. The equivalent metric resultant count for this yarn would be 6.77nm
cotton eco jeans 12/2nm 100% recycled cotton eco jeans 12/2nm 100% recycled
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10wpcm / 25wpi 25gms - 130m 100gms - 570m 100% recycled (48% cotton / 47% polyester / 5% other). Worn jeans, jackets and other articles of denim fabric are recycled along with used recycled plastic bottles to produce this eco friendly yarn.
cotton mercerised 10x2/16ne cotton mercerised 10x2/16ne
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100% extra long staple gassed combed mercerised Egyptian cotton yarn OEKO certificated 1,355m/kg / 672yds/lb 8 wpcm / 19 wpi 25gms - 24m 100gms - 115m This yarn is made up of 10 threads of 2/16ne yarn twisted up again. The resultant count for this yarn is therefore 0.8ne. (1.35nm in metric count) We suggest 3-4 epcm / 8-9 epi Rigid heddle weavers may like to use a 10dpi reed
cotton organic 24/5ne cotton organic 24/5ne
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The count of this combed and GOTS certified cotton may sound unfamiliar with its construction of 5 strands, but its resultant count is 4.5ne which is very close to the resutant count (5ne) of the more familiar 10/2ne cotton 16-17wpcm/42wpi 25g   - 170 metres 100g - 760 metres
cotton recycled 16/2nm 95% cotton recycled 16/2nm 95%
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14wpcm / 33wpi 25gms - 200m 100gms - 800m Recycled denim is shredded and respun into this ecological yarn. The yarn retains the original denim colour with no over dyeing.
cotton unmercerised 10/2ne cotton unmercerised 10/2ne
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10/2 ne 8,450 m/kg / 4,200 yds/lb 15 wpc / 38 wpi A range of high quality sustainably grown natural colour cotton yarns! The brown and green cottons are grown in New Mexico from varieties of cotton plants that produce naturally green or brown fibres. The white cotton is Cleaner Cotton™ grown in California by farmers enrolled in the Sustainable Cotton Project (SCP) - this means their cotton was gro…
merino organic merino organic
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Merino wool which is from non mulsed sheep and also produced to GOTS certification
phoenix recycled cotton/polyester phoenix recycled cotton/polyester
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50% recycled cotton (includes preconsumer waste) 50% polyester  (from recycled polyester bottles) Blended by mechanical not chemical process before being spun into yarn. Global Recycled standard Oeko-Tex Standard 28/6ne - the resultant count is 4.7ne which is close to the resultant count of 5ne for the more familiar 10/2ne cotton! 15-16wpcm/38-39wpi
recycled wool 4.5nm recycled wool 4.5nm
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This Yorkshire (UK) spun yarn is made from 80% repurposed woollen garments which previously would have ended up as landfill, but now they have been mechanically processed and mixed with reclaimed woollen goods to create subtle melange hues. 11wpcm/27wpi
sheepsoft 10/2nm sheepsoft 10/2nm
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A 100% wool yarn with low mileage - in fact just under 50 miles! worsted spun in Yorkshire (UK) the yarn's lovely silky feel is a result of blending wool from two British sheep breeds, Blue Face Leicester and Masham. A vigorous wash test of a yarn length showed promising signs of fulling nicely. 10.4wpcm/26wpi
wool demeter 28/2nm 100% bio dynamic wool demeter 28/2nm 100% bio dynamic
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This is a Demeter wool which is Biodynamic Organic KbT certified by IMO, Germany 21 wpcm/52 wpi 25gms - 350m 100gms - 1400m
wool demeter 48/2nm bio dynamic/organic wool demeter 48/2nm bio dynamic/organic
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100% merino wool natural 39wpcm/98wpi


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