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Handweavers Annual Shutdown - Saturday May 4 to Saturday 18 May (inclusive)

Orders placed during this period will still be processed as normal & will be despatched after the 18 May.

 silk 120/2nm silk 120/2nm
£5.85 - £17.75
23 in stock
silk 120/2nm 60,000m/kg / 29,760yds/lb 45wpcm / 114 wpi 25gms -1500m 100gms - 6000m The metric resultant count for this yarn is 60nm. This yarn is half the thickness of the 60/2nm silk.
 silk 120/4nm silk 120/4nm
£5.85 - £17.75
22 in stock
silk 120/4nm 30,000m/kg / 14,880yds/lb 35wpcm / 80wpi 25g - 660m 100g - 3,000m The metric resultant count for this yarn 30nm. This makes it the same thickness as the 60/2nm silk.
 silk 210/2nm silk 210/2nm
£4.00 - £7.25
56 in stock
silk 210/2nm 120,000 m/kg / 59,520 yds/lb 120wpcm / 300wpi 10gms - 800m 25gms - 1,5290m The metric resultant count is 120nm This spun silk is certainly very fine, but if you use two or three strands of different colours together you can achieve lovely richness. Or if you want to weave furrowed fabrics, it works well with the 60/2 nm silk.
 silk 30/2nm silk 30/2nm
£6.75 - £110.00
In stock
silk 30/2nm 15,000 m/kg / 7,440 yds/lb 25gms - 330m 100gms - 1395m 19wpc / 48wpi The metric resultant count for this yarn is 15nm. 30/2 silk is, for many hand weavers, the preferred weight of silk for a scarf. The Handweavers Studio now has a palette of twenty repeatable colours, sourced especially for us. As with all yarns, the exact shade can vary slightly between dye lots, so if colour consiste…
 silk 60/2nm silk 60/2nm
£6.25 - £112.50
In stock
silk 60/2nm 30,000 m/kg /14,880 yds/lb 25gms - 660m 100gms - 3000m The metric resutlant count for this yarn is 30nm. 32 wpc/82 wpi Typical setts:16 epcm/ 40-44 epi for plain weave 20-24 epcm/ 60 epi for twill A lustrous lightweight spun silk, suitable for scarves, fabric for clothing, and collapse weaves, available in an extensive range of repeatable colours. We have an extensive range of repeatab…
 silk plied reeled 450den silk plied reeled 450den
£4.25 - £7.75
41 in stock
Silk Plied Reeled 450den 20,000m/kg / 9,920yds/lb 37wpcm / 90wpi 10gms approx. - 180m circa 25gms approx. - 470m circa The nm metric count for this yarn 20nm. This is an extremely strong lustrous silk due to being reeled, however it has a higher twist than tram silk, making it suitable for warp as well as weft. The colour range was chosen for their suitability for use with popular weaving techniqu…
 tram silk 200-220den tram silk 200-220den
£4.50 - £11.00
In stock
tram silk 200-220den 40,900m/kg, 20,300yds/lb 200/220 denier 10 thread 40wpcm / 98wpi 10gms - 500m 25gms - 1,250m The nm metric count for this yarns is 41nm. Tram silk is reeled, not spun, and has very little twist, so it is the most lustrous silk you can get and is wonderful as weft. Some weavers like to use two or three shades wound together to give extra richness and depth of colour, so we have…
como silk 4.5nm como silk 4.5nm
£6.75 - £21.00
In stock
como silk 4.5nm 4,500m/kg / 2,230yds 25gms - 80m 100gms -350m 14wpcm / 30wpi The metric resultant count for this yarn is 4.5nm This yarn has as crisp quality and high sheen.
lambswool linen silk 1/7nm lambswool linen silk 1/7nm
£3.00 - £6.00
68 in stock
lambswool linen silk 1/7nm A harmonious mainly neutrals paletter enhance this gently textured singles yarn. Each of the fibres in the yarn makes a contribution to the overall feel and look, with the silk content lending a soft sheen when it catches the light. 50% lambswool/25% linen/25% silk
reeled silk 10nm reeled silk 10nm
4 in stock
Reeled from the cocoon. This beautiful multi-filament yarn is soft to touch and has a superb sheen with occasional texture. 100gm Cone = 1000m
silk 100/2 silk 100/2
£4.50 - £12.00
33 in stock
WPI=100    WPCM=40 25gm= 1250m 100gm=5000m
silk 140/2nm silk 140/2nm
£6.75 - £22.50
16 in stock
silk 140/2nm 70,000m/kg / 34.720yds/lb 50wpcm / 127wpi 25gms - 1,750m 100gms - 7,000m The metric resultant count for this yarn is 70nm.


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