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Winding Equipment

ashford bobbin winder ashford bobbin winder
1 in stock
A wooden winder designed for use with plastic bobbins but not quills or wooden bobbins. Tapered stainless steel shaft, nylon bearings, fast 12:1 ratio & natural timber finish. Includes clamp. Can be fitted with a balloon spring.
ball winder ball winder
4 in stock
For easy winding of yarn into a neat centre pull ball. Very effective for wool, or other non-slippery yarns.
balloon spring balloon spring
50 in stock
Slip this onto a standard pin winder to use it with wider diameter spools and pirns 35mm long, 5mm diameter
bobbin winder - thick prong bobbin winder - thick prong
9 in stock
This model has a thicker prong for winding the pirns used in end-feed shuttles
bobbin winder - thin prong bobbin winder - thin prong
14 in stock
Metal with brass gear. It clamps to a table with an inbuilt clamp and has a thin metal prong which works with both wooden and plastic bobbins and quills. Tip: If you find the prong too thin for a few of your bobbins or quills you can thread one or two of our ballon springs onto the prong to hold the bobbin/quill securely in place
cardboard cone cardboard cone
74 in stock
3-7cm width x 17.5cm length Approx. 30g
metal & plastic skeiner/swift metal & plastic skeiner/swift
3 in stock
Metal with plastic casings, ideal for fine yarn or drying hand spun yarn. Clamps vertically or horizontally
paper quills paper quills
In stock
Suitable for use in boat shuttles
skeiner 2 skeiner 2
1 in stock
This lacquered skeiner enables you to make lovely neat skeins quickly, or can be loaded with a ready-made skein ready for winding the yarn off into balls etc Adjustable to accommodate different skein sizes (1-2 meters)
winding station winding station
Made to the Handweavers Studio’s own design, this winding station combines a cone stand, spool rack and doubling stand. It also has provision for ball, cone and bobbin winders to be clamped to the top. The design includes an upstand to enable a swift to be mounted horizontally (the preferred way) so that all but the most delicate yarns can be wound directly onto a winder at the other end - the ang…
wooden umbrella swift wooden umbrella swift
3 in stock
Wooden swift with a built-in clamp for fixing to a table vertically or horizontally, for example, to a chair back.
yarn stand yarn stand
2 in stock


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