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Technical & Special Yarns

 banded fringe 1.8nm/8mm banded fringe 1.8nm/8mm
20 in stock
70% cotton/30% nylon Black/Ecru Can be washed gently at 30°C
antara antara
40 in stock
50% polyurethane, 38% cotton, 12% polyamide. A flat yarn with the look of leather 5nm 5,000 m/kg / 1,700yds/lb 6wpcm / 15 wpi 10gms - 50m 25gms - 115m Useful things to know about this yarn; The core consists of a thin nylon/polyamide thread which is wound with cotton and polyurethane. The yarn is then heat pressed so that the polyurethane is melted. This results in a flat yarn with an uneven edge…
astro 12.5nm astro 12.5nm
34 in stock
86% celllulose acetate, 8% metalised polyester, 6% nylon
cotton flat 2.2nm/3mm cotton flat 2.2nm/3mm
37 in stock
2,200m/kg / 1,090yds/lb 3wpcm / 8wpi 25gms - 46m
cotton flat 7.5nm/1mm cotton flat 7.5nm/1mm
19 in stock
7,500m/kg / 3,720yds/lb
eyelash gentle touch eyelash gentle touch
34 in stock
Eyelashes are circa 2.5cm/1" long so will appreciate enough space in your textile to show off. Knitters can treat this yarn as a 4ply size. 100% microfibre nylon Each colour weighs a little differntly to its siblings, so the length for 25g varies as follows; Nude 58m Navy 60m Charcoal 65m Jet 70m White 85m
firefly firefly
14 in stock
glitter glow in the dark 5nm 5,000m/kg / 2,480yds/lb 13 wpcm / 33 wpi 10gms - 50m
glassino black glassino black
18 in stock
67% cotton 33% polyamide 16.8nm 16,800m/kg / 8,333yds/lb 26wpcm / 68 wpi 10gms - 168m 25gms - 410m
glitterbug 17.5nm glitterbug 17.5nm
21 in stock
50% metalised polyester, 50% nylon
glow in dark glow in dark
42 in stock
Polyester thread coated with phosphorescent pigment Yarn count 1.5nm 10wpcm/26wpi Yarn lenths: 10 grams 12 metres 25 grams 30 metres
high vis 2/30 high vis 2/30
33 in stock
15,000m/kg / 7,440yds/lb 100% acrylic 15wpcm / 38wpi 25gms - 320m The resultant count for this yarn is 15nm.
horsehair & cotton horsehair & cotton
35 in stock
Both sizes of this yarn are composed of strands of natural colour horsehair laid side by side and caged by 2 threads of ecru cotton. The yarn's overall shade is detemined by a combination of the colour mix of the horsehair strands and  the yarn diameter. Dark 7nm 7,000m/kg / 3,470yds/lb 11wpcm / 27wpi 25gms - 120m 100gms - 480m (approx.) Light 10.5nm 10,500m/kg / 5,200yds/lb 16wpcm/40wpi 25gms - 2…
latex mohair latex mohair
11 in stock
100m mini cone fine mohair dipped in latex
monofilament monofilament
98 in stock
monofilament comes in three thicknesses and clear or smoke in each thickness. 250 denier (36nm) 36,000m/kg / 17,850yds/lb 10gms - 320m 520 denier (17.3nm) 17,300m/kg / 8,580yds/lb 10gms - 170m 720 denier (12.5nm) 12,500m/kg / 6,200yds/lb 10gms - 110m
pemotex 11.7nm pemotex 11.7nm
27 in stock
11.7nm 11,700m/kg / 5,800yds/lb 19 wpcm / 48 wpi 25gms - 250m 100gms - 1000m This yarn is sometimes used for obtaining textured effect. It shrinks when placed next to heat conductive yarn and/or exposed to dry heat eg. iron or fan. Effects are not reversible. Experimentation is advised.
polyester tube yarn 0.8nm polyester tube yarn 0.8nm
19 in stock
Construction of this yarn is a little different... a knited tube of white Merino wool is filled with a core of thick black microfibres. The wool 'net can be felted to create a structural difference between the outer and inner parts of the yarn. Experimental weavers and knitters may like to combine this yarn with thinner ones for interesting results! 84% black microfibre/16% fine wool
reflective yarn reflective yarn
20 in stock
We have two thicknesses of reflective yarn 0.5mm equivalent count 4.4nm 4,400m/kg / 2,180yds/lb 20wpcm / 52wpi 25gms - 110m 1mm equivalent 2.2nm 2,200m/kg / 1,090yds/lb 10wpcm / 26wpi 25gms - 55m
rubco rubco
62 in stock
90% polyurethane / 10% polyester Colours - violet, clear, blue (light), black & yellow - 2.5nm 2,500m/kg / 1,240yds/lb 13 wpcm/32 wpi 25gms - 55m Colour - golden 2.0nm 2,000m/kg / 990yds/lb 12 wpcm/ 29wpi 25gms - 50m Colour - dark blue (matt) - 1nm 1,000m/kg / 490yds/lb 9 wpcm / 21 wpi 25gms - 25m
rubco matt black 0.26nm rubco matt black 0.26nm
19 in stock
90% polyurethane / 10% polyester 260m/kg / 128yds/lb 5wpcm, 12wpi 25gms - 6.5m
rubco stainless steel rubco stainless steel
27 in stock
88% polyurethane (coating) 16% stainless steel (core) 4.7nm 4,700m/kg / 2,330dys/lb 20wpcm / 55wpi 25gms - 85m
solvron solvron
21 in stock
200 denier (45nm) 45,000m/kg / 22,320yds/lb dissolves in water at 55oC 22 wpcm / 58 wpi 10gms - 350m 25gms - 875m


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