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Warping Equipment

Ashford raddle kit Ashford raddle kit
£50.50 - £71.00
7 in stock
Beam your warp quickly, easily and evenly every time. Full step-by-step instructions in the Learn to weave on a Table loom booklet. Fuss free warping, everything included. The perfect accessory for all Ashford table looms. Features Full step-by-step instructions Fuss free warping Steel pins spaced 12.7mm (1/2") apart Centre pin marked for convenience Solid silver beech hardwood
Ashford warping frame large 11m Ashford warping frame large 11m
2 in stock
This un-lacquered warping frame has a maximum warp length of 11meters. The completely straight and relatively short pegs (to prevent bowing) are easily glued in place - you make wider warps in multiple sections. Use the board flat, clamped upright on a table or hung on a wall with the mirror plates we provide.
Ashford warping frame small 4.5m Ashford warping frame small 4.5m
1 in stock
With a maximum warp length of 4.5 meters this lacquered warping frame is perfect for sample warps. It’s small size is great for stowage if you don’t have a lot of room. It is supplied with the pegs already glued into the side pieces - you only have to bolt the four side pieces together.
Ashford warping mill Ashford warping mill
5 in stock
This vertical rotating mill is for quick and easy warping, with the strain taken by the strong uprights and not the pegs. The bars holding the cross pegs are moveable, so any length can be wound up to approximately 15m (50ft). The mill is easily collapsed/folded for storage after use.
Double ended threading hook Double ended threading hook
38 in stock
Threading hooks make threading your rigid heddle or table loom easy and convenient. Made from strong but flexible acetal nylon.
ez bob ez bob
53 in stock
EZ bob diameter 4.5cms
hinged ring 32mm dia hinged ring 32mm dia
In stock
Linen tester Linen tester
1 in stock
This 10x magnification solid metal body linen tester isolates a 25mm/1" viewing square. Two LED lights can be switched on to illuminate the area under examination, and an adjustable pointer can be moved along the inner viewing edge to help you keep focussed when counting threads or anaylising the cloth.
Louet warping posts - unlacquerd Louet warping posts - unlacquerd
4 in stock
A nifty alternative to a warping board or warping mill. Two bars of posts clamp easily to a table surface and can be used to produce a surprisingly long warp if required in your preferred manner - we had no trouble winding a 9m warp with two crosses! Because the posts are designed to clamp to the edge of a table in an L configuration there is no need to lean across the table to warp, a benefit to…
Nail raddle - 1/2 Nail raddle - 1/2" dents
£6.50 - £28.00
15 in stock
Half inch divisions.
reed hook aluminium reed hook aluminium
In stock
temple temple
£29.50 - £49.00
15 in stock
Warp Thread Weights (2) Warp Thread Weights (2)
3 in stock
Yarn calculation kit Yarn calculation kit
2 in stock
yarn count calculation kit The 21st century replacement for a MacMorran balance; this kit includes all you need to work out quickly and accurately what the count is of unknown yarns in your stash and how much you have on a cone. The kit comprises; digital scale (to one-hundredth of a gram) measuring cord a quick ypp/mkg formula card, the formulae for the six most common count systems an interactiv…


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